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Togepi and Snorlax Pokemon Squishmallows Are Coming: What to Know

 Togepi and Snorlax Pokemon Squishmallows Are Coming: What to Know

Squishmallows, the colorful plush toys that my TikTok “For You” page shows me constantly, teamed up with Pokemon last year, and the world subsequently met soft, oval-shaped versions of ‘mons Gengar and Pikachu.

A new video teases two more Pokemon getting the Squishmallow treatment, and they’re definitely round enough for it. 

The clip, posted by the Pokemon and Squishmallows Instagram accounts on Monday, shows Pikachu and Gengar on a FaceTime call with Wave 2 Pokemon Squishmallows Snorlax and Togepi. You can watch the interaction in the tweet above

Squishmallows (not just the Pokemon kind) remain a popular toy, if the constant stream of plush toy-related content on my TikTok is any indictation. According to Squishmallow maker Jazwares, Snorlax and Togepi Squishmallows will be available on and at mass retailers this spring. 

The Pikachu and Gengar toys hit in late November but sold out quickly. Different size versions have appeared at Target and Walmart in recent months, as cataloged by folks on TikTok.

I asked Jazwares for confirmation about the price of the new Squishmallows but didn’t hear back.

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