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iPhone, iPad Bug Caused Safari to Crash When Typing Certain Letters

 iPhone, iPad Bug Caused Safari to Crash When Typing Certain Letters

iPhone and iPad users were reportedly facing a bizarre bug that was crashing the Safari browser while trying to search for certain words. The app was supposedly crashing as users entered the first three letters of certain words. The issue seemed to have affected Apple devices running on different versions of iOS 16. In addition, there have been reports of iOS 15 users also experiencing this bug. The exact cause for this error is unknown, however, several users are now claiming that this error has been fixed.

That is surely a strange bug because usually apple does not make such mistakes when it comes to their apple ecosystem, that is what makes apple devices so special

The Safari app was said to be crashing whenever users tried to type tar, bes, wal, wel, old, sta, pla, and a few other phrases in the search bar. The bug seemingly prevented users from going beyond the first three letters of a word. Apple users had pointed out that turning off Safari Suggestions in the app settings would prevent the bug from surfacing.

It is believed to be a server-side bug that Apple has purportedly fixed without having to roll out an iOS update.

You see, this is an issue certainly noted by make apple users. Apple claims that they have been informed and are actively trying to fix this bug. As long as the big is not fixed in the next update, I guess we will have to deal with such issues.

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