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Prime Members Get $20 Off the Incredible OnePlus Buds 3 Earbuds

 Prime Members Get $20 Off the Incredible OnePlus Buds 3 Earbuds

Grabbing yourself some everyday earbuds is a good idea, especially because upgrading the way you listen to your podcasts and music, whether that’s in the gym, on long walks or just on your way to work, can be a big boost overall. Right now you can get yourself a solid pair of wireless eardbuds, while also saving a bit of money, if you’re a Prime subscriber. These OnePlus Buds 3 are currently 20% off for Amazon Prime members, dropping the price to just $80.

These earbuds are impressive all around. The dual drivers allow for deep bass sounds along with crisp high notes, so you’ll be able to enjoy your music the way it’s meant to be enjoyed. They have impressive active noise cancellation, which will adapt to the level of noise going on around you in order to better block distractions. They can even be used to make calls and will apply that noise cancelling tech to those calls to make sure you’re heard clearly.  

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Along with that, the sleek design is nice, and they’ve got a battery life of up to 44 hours with the charge-carrying case. They’re good for just about everyone, and with 20% off, rival some of the best earbud deals going on right now.

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