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There’s Only a Few Days Left To Get a PS5 at a Discounted Price

 There’s Only a Few Days Left To Get a PS5 at a Discounted Price

A few days remain to grab a PlayStation 5 significantly cheaper than usual. That’s because Sony’s Days of Play sale is still active with the console maker slashing the next-gen device’s price by $50. Available at the likes of Amazon and Best Buy, a PS5 Slim can currently be picked from as little as $399 right now. 

These PlayStation deals are available on both the digital edition PS5 Slim as well as the one that comes with a disc drive for those who prefer to go the physical game route rather than download them via PSN. 

The digital edition is the cheapest option at $399 on Amazon, with Best Buy offering the same $50 saving. Just note that you’ll be limited to downloading your games rather than sliding a disc in. That means the days of trading in your old games are gone, though it does mean that you won’t have to find a game every time you want to play it, and we all know the game you want is never in the right box anyway.

If you prefer your media in its physical form, you can get the disc drive-equipped model for $50 more. It’s currently down to $449 at Amazon and $450 at Best Buy, which down from its retail price of $500. 

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Both of these consoles are the newest slim iterations which means they’re thinner and smaller than the previous models. They both come with 1TB of storage with support for 4K, 120Hz and HDR gaming. Sony also throws in the delightful Astro’s Playroom game to introduce the console and new mechanics. 

Now that you have your new console, why not treat yourself to a PSVR 2 headset deal to go with it? Or check out the best PS5 games to play right now, including the likes of Marvel’s Spider-Man, God of War, Horizon, and more. 

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