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Eero’s Newest Wi-Fi 7 Mesh Routers Hit All-Time Low Prices at Amazon

 Eero’s Newest Wi-Fi 7 Mesh Routers Hit All-Time Low Prices at Amazon

A great Wi-Fi router can help you stay reliably online, finish your work and enjoy binge-watching sessions without interruption. And though they can be pricey, sometimes there are deals you can take advantage of so you can save big bucks. For example, Eero Max 7 Wi-Fi routers are at an all-time low price at Amazon right now. You can buy a single Eero Max 7 router for $510, down from its regular price of $600. That’s a discount of 15%. Two- and three-pack bundles are also 15% off if you need broader coverage. Prices at Amazon tend to be volatile, something to remember if you’re interested in scoring this deal.

Eero’s Max 7 mesh Wi-Fi routers offer Wi-Fi 7 tech and are capable of super fast wireless speeds of up to 4.3Gbps. They also include ethernet ports you can use when you need even greater speeds, up to 9.4Gbps. One router can blanket over 2,500 square feet in Wi-Fi coverage and support over 200 connected devices. 

Since Eero is an Amazon-owned brand, there are some smart home perks to using an Eero mesh Wi-Fi system too including the ability to function as a smart hub for certain devices. Eero Max 7 units are compatible with Zigbee, Thread and Matter devices, which is to say, most smart home tech these days. 

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AS wel as the single router deal, Amazon is offering savings on multi-packs of Eero Max 7 Wi-Fi routers, all of which are also at an all-time low and can work wonders for larger spaces or buildings with thicker walls. You can save up to an extra 20% if you trade in an eligible device. 

You can save even more on eero mesh Wi-Fi 6E routers. These are a previous generation eero router with a capability of up to 2.5Gbps. They receive automatic updates and like the eero 7, you can set this up with the eero app and start connecting. Amazon is currently selling these at a discount. These devices also qualify for Amazon’s trade-in discount, which means you can potentially save even more than the listed discounts if you can part with an old, qualifying device.

These deals won’t last forever, so remember that as you browse through them. Looking for a Wi-Fi router and not sure if these deals are you? Check out lists of best routers and best mesh routers so you can find exactly what you need.

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