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Save up to $520 on Sonos Speakers and Bundles Just in Time for Father’s Day

Sonos is responsible for some of our favorite wireless speakers and soundbars. But as is often the case when you want the best, you have to pay more for premium gear. That is, unless you can find a great deal that shaves off the cost of the usually expensive speakers — and right now Sonos is running a sale that does just that. With savings of up to $520 available right now, today might be the day you finally treat yourself to that Sonos speaker you’ve always wanted.

This Sonos sale is matched, in the most part, by both Best Buy and Amazon, but not every deal is available at those retailers. The canonical sale is definitely over on the Sonos website, and that’s where you’re going to save the big bucks.

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The biggest saving comes in the form of what Sonos calls the “ultimate immersive set with Arc,” which is a long way of saying you’ll get a couple of speakers, a soundbar and a subwoofer with huge savings. Those four components would normally retail for around $2,600, but if you order now the bundle is reduced by 20%, bringing the price down to $2,076. That’s still a lot of money, but you’ll also get a lot of great audio in return.

Those looking to spend less and dip their toe into the world of Sonos can pick up the Roam SL for just $127 instead. It’s a portable speaker designed for use both out and indoors and sports a 10-hour battery life and water resistance, not to mention big-name features like Apple AirPlay 2 support.

Great Sonos deals don’t come along all that often so make sure to take advantage of this sale while you still can — it isn’t likely to stick around for long.

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