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Best Internet Providers in Sacramento, California

 Best Internet Providers in Sacramento, California

The City of Trees may not be the California city that comes to mind when you think of technology. But it’s nestled just a couple of hours away from Silicon Valley, so it’s no surprise that Sacramento has plenty of connectivity options — from fast fiber to traditional cable and even 5G at home

Choosing the right internet provider is an important decision. Without some research, you could end up stuck in a lengthy contract, dealing with disappointing performance or simply paying too much. Whether you’re a longtime resident or just moved in, we found the best internet providers in Sacramento, California.

What is the best internet provider in Sacramento?

Sacramento has some spectacular fiber connections, though some are available only to a few residents. AT&T Fiber, CNET’s pick for the best internet provider in Sacramento, is relatively available and it’s fast. Chances are, if you’re looking for super-fast internet in Sacramento, you can find a way to get it. And if you’re in a tricky spot, there’s probably another option for you, too. 

Sacramento internet providers compared

Provider Internet technology Monthly price range Speed range Monthly equipment costs Data cap Contract CNET review score
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DSL/fiber $55-$250 300-5,000Mbps None 1.5TB for plans below 100Mbps None 7.4
DigitalPath Fixed wireless $63-$76 3-100Mbps None Varies 1 year N/A
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DSL $55 12-75Mbps None None None 6.3
Fidium Fiber $45-$100 100Mbps-2Gbps None None None N/A
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Satellite $50-$80 50-100 Mbps $15 or $500 one-time fee Varies 2 years 6
T-Mobile Home Internet
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Fixed wireless $60 72-245Mbps None None None 7.4
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Satellite $100 25-150Mbps $15 per month or $500 one-time purchase None 2 years 6.1
Verizon 5G Home Internet
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Fixed wireless $50-$70 50-1,000Mbps None None None 7.2
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Cable $20-$70 150-1,200Mbps $15 1.2TB Varies 7

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Source: CNET analysis of provider data.

All available Sacramento residential internet providers

They may not be the fastest, cheapest or most available, but other ISP options exist in Sacramento. If you need an option outside of the top of our list, some satellite and fixed wireless providers are around as well. Here are the other available providers beyond our best picks: 

  • DigitalPath: An option for those in remote areas or with few other options, DigitalPath offers a variety of connections that depend largely on geography. In rural areas, speeds may be as low as 3Mbps. The provider also requires a contract, which is a bit more pricey than other options.
  • EarthLink: With a relatively low-speed DSL connection that costs $55 a month, EarthLink’s Sacramento offerings don’t fit into many plans. It’s also one of our lower-rated providers and isn’t available to everyone in the Sacramento area.
  • Fidium: Part of Consolidated Communications, Fidium is the new kid on the block. It offers blazing-fast speeds and low costs (that increase after a promotional period) but isn’t available everywhere.
  • Hughesnet: This provider offers a satellite fix for those with very limited options (a rarity in Sacramento). Though its speeds are low, Hughesnet specializes in getting internet access to people who may otherwise struggle to find it. For us, its quality is low enough to make them worth skipping.
  • Viasat: Another satellite option, Viasat may be a better bet if you need a satellite option in Sacramento. It’s more expensive than Hughesnet at $100 monthly but can reach slightly higher top speeds at 150Mbps.
  • Starlink: This satellite provider offers the fastest potential speeds of any satellite ISP but is also the most expensive. You can potentially get up to 200Mbps download speeds with Starlink, but it’ll cost you $120 monthly and a steep upfront cost of $599 for equipment rental.

Tower Bridge and the downtown Sacramento skyline reflecting in the Sacramento River. Tower Bridge and the downtown Sacramento skyline reflecting in the Sacramento River.

Lightvision, LLC/Getty Images

Sacramento broadband at a glance

Sacramento has several great options for internet, whether you have access to fiber, cable or even fixed wireless providers. With great options like AT&T Fiber, there’s little need for most Sacramento residents to explore offerings from smaller companies. But as in many cities, a couple of areas need to seek other options. In those cases, fixed wireless providers such as T-Mobile are likely the best path.

How many members of your household use the internet?

Pricing info on Sacramento home internet service

With an average starting price of just about $49, the internet is available at a relatively affordable rate in Sacramento compared to other cities CNET has covered. Xfinity offers the most budget-friendly option, but six providers offer rates starting under $60 monthly.

Cheap internet options in the Sacramento metro area

With most plans at or around $50 a month, you should be able to find an affordable option for internet in Sacramento. The absolute cheapest internet options in Sacramento will cost you approximately $20 a month, assuming you’re OK with Xfinity’s slowest options. 

Otherwise, multiple providers offer something relatively affordable, so if you’re not in the market for the fastest speeds and you don’t live in the most rural areas of Sacramento, you should be able to find a good provider that doesn’t break your wallet. 

What are the cheapest internet plans in Sacramento?

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Source: CNET analysis of provider data.

Fastest internet providers in Sacramento

The city’s two largest providers are pretty fast, but one small ISP is its fastest. If you want speeds over 200Mbps, you have the option of stalwarts AT&T and Xfinity or the newer option, Fidium, and its 2Gbps speed. Satellite and cheaper options are as low as 3 or 10Mbps, while AT&T Fiber goes all the way to 5,000Mbps. 

In Sacramento, just two providers get into the realm of multi-gigabit speed. AT&T Fiber’s 5,000Mbps is king, but the relatively unknown Fidium is another option, with a fast 2Gbps speed available to some Sacramento residents. For most, however, AT&T Fiber’s 5,000Mbps and Xfinity’s 1,200Mbps will be the top options. 

What are the fastest internet plans in Sacramento?

Provider Max download speed Max upload speed Starting price Data cap Contract
AT&T 5 Gig
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5Gbps 5Gbps $250 None None
AT&T 2 Gig
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2Gbps 2Gbps $150 None None
Fidium 2-Gig 2Gbps 2Gbps $100 None None
Xfinity Gigabit x2
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2Gbps 206Mbps $130 1.2TB None
Fidium Futuristic 2Gbps 2Gbps $85 None None
AT&T Internet 1000
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1,000Mbps 1,000Mbps $80 None None
Xfinity Gigabit Extra
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1,300Mbps 209Mbps $80 1.2TB None

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Source: CNET analysis of provider data.

Internet service providers are numerous and regional. Unlike the latest smartphone, laptop, router or kitchen tool, it’s impractical to personally test every ISP in a given city. What’s our approach? We start by researching the pricing, availability and speed information, drawing on our own historical ISP data, the provider sites and mapping information from

It doesn’t end there: We use the FCC’s website to check our data and ensure we consider every ISP that provides service in an area. We also input local addresses on provider websites to find specific options for residents. We look at sources, including the American Customer Satisfaction Index and J.D. Power, to evaluate how happy customers are with an ISP’s service. ISP plans and prices are subject to frequent changes; all information provided is accurate as of publication.

Once we have this localized information, we ask three main questions:

  1. Does the provider offer access to reasonably fast internet speeds?
  2. Do customers get decent value for what they’re paying?
  3. Are customers happy with their service?

While the answers to those questions are often layered and complex, the providers who come closest to “yes” on all three are the ones we recommend. When selecting the cheapest internet service, we look for the plans with the lowest monthly fee, although we also factor in things like price increases, equipment fees and contracts. Choosing the fastest internet service is relatively straightforward. We look at advertised upload and download speeds and also consider real-world speed data from sources like Ookla and FCC reports.

To explore our process in more depth, visit our how we test ISPs page.

What’s the final word on internet providers in Sacramento?

Internet speeds in Sacramento come down to one main factor: Is fiber available to you? 

If it is, you have some great options. AT&T and Fidium have extremely fast connections that aren’t too expensive. And if you can’t get either, Xfinity’s gigabit plans aren’t a bad option. There are also some affordable choices for those who don’t care about multi-gig plans and even some options for those living in hard-to-reach areas. 

Sacramento internet provider FAQs

Which is the best internet service provider in Sacramento?

If cost is not an obstacle, AT&T provides the best connection in the City of Trees. AT&T Fiber is fast and relatively available. Even without access to the fiber side of AT&T, the company provides a solid connection with good availability. 

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What is the cheapest internet provider in Sacramento?

The most budget-friendly option in Sacramento comes from Xfinity. The Comcast service offers internet at just $20 a month. That connection will get you 150Mbps speeds. 

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Is fiber internet available in Sacramento?

Yes, it is. AT&T Fiber is available in large swaths of the city. Its 5,000Mbps connection is the fastest available in Sacramento. That service will run you about $250 a month, with unlimited data and no contracts required. 

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Can I get free Wi-Fi in Sacramento?

There are a variety of public places in Sacramento where you can get free Wi-Fi, including the city’s parks system, many downtown coffee shops, train stations and more. When using a public Wi-Fi connection, remember that your data may not be secure, so try to avoid accessing or entering private information on your computer or mobile device when using a public Wi-Fi network.

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