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I Bought This Awesome RC Car for 50% Off Thanks to Memorial Day Sales and You Should Too

 I Bought This Awesome RC Car for 50% Off Thanks to Memorial Day Sales and You Should Too

I’m not supposed to be working today, but I had to jump on and wax lyrical about my Memorial Day purchase. This RC car by Laegendary (not a typo) appeared on CNET’s best deals under $100, and it looked decent. I wasn’t sure I would buy it for the normal $115 price, but if you use the code 50RACECAR, you can get a $58 discount, making the car just $58.

There’s no time limit on this deal, and it seems to work only on this one color, so grab it now. I can’t guarantee it will last long so jump on it as soon as you can.

My family and I have six or seven RC cars at this point, and for $58, this thing really slaps. It has two 1600mAh, 7.5-volt batteries that can propel the car at around 30mph for about 40 minutes of driving, and the giant wheels — it’s a 1:10 scale car so it’s pretty beefy — let you drive it across grass, sand, and tarmac with equal ease.

It also comes with a travel bag for your batteries so you can charge them safely outside. LiPo batteries are susceptible to heat so it’s good to keep them out of the sun when charging. We’ve been banging around the neighborhood all morning, crashing into racks and other RC cars and it has taken it all like a champ. I especially like the enclosed chassis as it can run over puddles and wet grass without danger.

Red and black RC car on tarmac Red and black RC car on tarmac

James Bricknell / CNET

When pitted against my $140 Haiboxing car (also discounted down to $100 right now), it held its own wonderfully. It’s the same speed as the Haiboxing car but does feel a little slower as it’s much bigger. What it lacks in top speed, it makes up for in torque, though; this thing rears onto its back wheels from a standing start and pushes through even the tallest grass in our neighborhood.
We made a little ramp for it to jump over, and it did great there too, with no damage or stalling at all. The controller is good, with trim and power controls, and the foam grip on the control wheel feels much better than the hard plastic of cheaper models. It has a range of 250 feet too, so you could run it around a circuit without having to worry about a loss of connection.

It was a silly impulse to get another RC car, but I’m really glad we decided to do it. It’s as good as the more expensive cars we already own and would make a fantastic gift for Father’s Day or just for someone who loves gadgets. Want something that flies instead? Check out the best drones you can buy right now.

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