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Make Your New Apartment Feel Like Home: Decor Tips and Tricks

 Make Your New Apartment Feel Like Home: Decor Tips and Tricks

You’ve finally moved into your new home, which means now it’s time to decorate it. This doesn’t. have to be a costly process, especially if you’ve already spent a lot of money on the move. There are lots of affordable ways to make your new space reflect you and your personal style. 

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All it takes is following a few handy tricks and tips, like giving an old room a face-lift with a fresh coat of paint or deep cleaning before unpacking. 

We’ve compiled a list of essential tips to help you personalize your pad with minimal hassle.  

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Clean, clean, clean 

If you’re lucky enough to move into a pristine apartment, congratulations. This isn’t always the case for everyone. Your new digs are likely a little dusty, a tad dirty. 

Before you unpack your boxes and assemble that Ikea furniture, take a little time to clean your empty space. Hit the floors with a Swiffer, dust off those windows, wash down your kitchen counters until you can see your reflection, give your bathroom some TLC, and wrap it all up with a good old round of vacuuming. 

You’re beginning a new life in a new place. Why begin it with your former tenant’s leftover grime? 

Give your walls a new layer of paint, or some wallpaper 

Two people painting their walls yellow Two people painting their walls yellow

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When my roommates and I moved into our New York apartment, we were surrounded by glossy butter-yellow walls. It was whimsical to us — for no more than two days. We soon realized there’s only so much butter your eyes can devour. 

My roomies picked out a couple of favorite colors and changed the formerly yellow living room, hallway, bathroom and bedrooms to forest greens, subtle whites and light grays. It was a simple fix that breathed new life into our home and made it feel like this was our space, not just another New York rental. 

With your landlord’s approval, switch up the vibe of your new place with colors that reflect who you are and what you want your apartment to be. Don’t succumb to the wall colors given to you; seek out funky wallpapers and compelling tones to make this space yours. 

Note: If your landlord agrees to let you paint, it’ll probably be on the condition that you paint the walls back to their original color when you leave.

Add scents that remind you of home 

Candles on shelf Candles on shelf

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Create a space that feels like home with scents that take you back to your old one. Maybe that means adding a sugar-cookie-scented Yankee Candle to your shopping cart for old times’ sake or plugging your Glade clean linen air freshener into that living room outlet. This tip also works if you’re trying to get a pesky stench out of your apartment. 

Rugs, curtains, mirrors and throws 

Living room with sofa, rug and plants Living room with sofa, rug and plants

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A few staple home decor pieces can liven up your space with minimal effort. Put some curtains on your windows to give a lifeless living room or bedroom some character. 

If you’re moving into a small apartment, hang a few mirrors in sunny spots to visually open up the space and let light reflect through it. You can also opt for a more personal space by sprucing up your area with colorful patterned rugs and throw pillows. 

Light it up 

Person working at a table in well lit room Person working at a table in well lit room

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To give your rooms a generous warm glow, consider adding multiple layers of light. Don’t solely rely on that overhead light or desk lamp. 

The general rule, according to interior designers, is to have three to four sources of light per room. Some of these sources can be purely functional, and others can add some personality, character and funk to the space. 

For smaller spaces, consider smaller light sources, like desk lights and floor lamps, while larger spaces, like a living room or kitchen, could require overhead lighting fixtures instead. Don’t forget dimmers; use them to control the ambiance of your room by dimming your lights based on the time of day and the vibe of your space. 

Hang it up 

Two picture frames in living room Two picture frames in living room

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Decorate your walls with your favorite artwork and photos. Get creative and print out your favorite family pictures or pieces of art and hang them on empty walls. Wall art will instantly customize your space and fill it with signature personal touches. 

Liven it up with plants and cacti

Person watering a plant Person watering a plant

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Not only do plants and cacti add some life and green to your apartment, but they also purify your air and can boost your mood. Choose plants that suit your plant caretaking style: Opt for an unfussy pothos if you kill any plant you buy, and go for a funky cactus or string of pearls if you’re an intermediate to professional plant parent well attentive to your flora. 

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