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Snag This Hot Deal on One of Our Favorite Outdoor Ovens

 Snag This Hot Deal on One of Our Favorite Outdoor Ovens

We have quite a few picks for the best grills for 2024 to step-up your grilling game, and this outdoor electric grill is no exception. The Ninja Woodfire 8-in-1 outdoor grill is the perfect size to make a family meal. With the helpful little smoker, you get the same cooked-over-coals taste from this electric oven as you would with a charcoal grill. Right now, you can get the eight-in-one grill at QVC for just $300, saving you $100 on the usual price. 

Not only does the Woodfire grill come with a pellet smoking pot, but it also has several great accessories to make the most of it. The cooking pan is excellent for slow roasting or high-heat cooking of vegetables or burnt ends, while the ceramic plate makes excellent homemade pizza. The pizza is especially delicious if you use the pellet smoke to infuse it with that smokey taste. It even comes with a pizza peel to lift the hot pizza out safely. 

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I’ve been using this grill over the entire winter and it’s easily one of my favorite grills for quick and easy meals with a smokey taste. I’ve even cooked a few frozen pizzas in it when I’m in a hurry. They taste way better when you add smokey mesquite flavor, trust me! 

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