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Act Fast to Get a Fitbit Sense at Its Lowest-Ever Price

 Act Fast to Get a Fitbit Sense at Its Lowest-Ever Price

More than 38 million people actively utilize a Fitbit regularly, keeping track of their health, fitness, sleep, stress levels and lots of other important factors. Now the tech is more accessible than ever from a price perspective, with select models seeing lots of discounts in recent months. If you don’t mind a previous-generation, you can get the original Fitbit Sense from Woot at a steal. The retailer has placed a limited number of the devices up at a record low price of $140. That 44% discount means we’ve never seen a cheaper cost for this specific model, so it likely won’t be around for long. 

Though it’s since been replaced by the Fitbit Sense 2, the original Fitbit Sense is still a powerful fitness tool. Not only can it track standard things like your heart rate and sleep quality, but also checks your skin temperature, your oxygen saturation and even the actual rhythm of your heart. Along with that, it still manages to be comfortable and keep you abreast of notifications as you’d expect with any of the best smartwatches. A battery life that can last up to six days is worth noting, too. 

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A Fitbit Sense is water-resistant up to 50 meters, has a built-in GPS to accurately track your steps, and has plenty of modes to play around with to not only keep you entertained but also access accurate stats. Available in white/gold for this particular deal, the device looks good, and while it might not be cool to say so, that always helps when you’re going to be wearing something pretty much all the time. It’s a solid all-rounder which is good if that’s what you need and don’t want to fork out several hundred dollars on the latest Apple Watch. 

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