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WiiM Ultra Adds Screen to Popular Streamer for $369

 WiiM Ultra Adds Screen to Popular Streamer for $369

WiiM has unveiled a buffed-up version of its popular line of streamers with one essential feature the others lack: a screen. The new WiiM Ultra not only has the best features, but it’s a lot cheaper than any competitive streamer.

The WiiM Ultra features a 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen which displays the current track and enables playback controls. The device also has a physical volume knob, with a play button in the center, which means the unit can operate as a preamp when tethered to a power amp.

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WiiM Ultra connections


The streamer’s preamp capabilities are only accentuated by its connections, which include HDMI ARC, analog line-ln, a dedicated phono-input and optical inputs along with analog and optical outs. The streamer also features a subwoofer-out and a headphone jack.

The WiiM comes with a ES9038 Sabre DAC as well as built-in room correction technology, plus Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Like the WiiM Pro and Pro Plus, the Ultra supports a wide number of streaming formats including Spotify Connect, Chromecast built-in, Apple AirPlay, Amazon multiroom and Roon Ready.

The company also outlined the new WiiM Amp Pro which is a 60-watt-per-channel amplifier with the same streaming smarts built-in. Unlike the Ultra, though, the Amp Pro doesn’t have a screen.

The $149 WiiM Pro is CNET’s current favorite streamer for most people, and the Pro Plus is a great step-up for people who want to share analog sources around the house. 

The WiiM Ultra will retail for a very competitive $329, while the Amp Pro will sell for a slightly higher $369. The only other streamer with a screen — and anywhere near this price — is the EverSolo DMP-A6 for $859. Meanwhile, the ever-popular Bluesound Node is $599, but it is also LCD-less. We are expecting good things when these WiiM devices land later in Q3.

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