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This Incredible Smart Picture Frame Is an Amazing Mother’s Day Gift at $45 Off

 This Incredible Smart Picture Frame Is an Amazing Mother’s Day Gift at $45 Off

Mother’s Day is coming up quick, and if you’re looking for one of the best Mother’s Day gifts, digital frames certainly come to mind. For those also looking to save a bit of money, then we’ve got a great deal for you. This Aluratek 10-inch digital photo frame is normally $130, but is currently on sale for $85 on Best Buy. That’s a 35% discount, and it makes for an absolutely wonderful gift. 

This photo frame offers the chance to show off more than just one image on its screen, switching between multiple photos with ease, and it can even play music as it does so. You can also add photos and videos to it using an app, meaning that you can surprise your mom with photos from a day trip by just uploading them to the frame.  

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It’s easy to use thanks to the touchscreen and can be used for things like telling the time, a calendar and checking the weather, too. It’s surprisingly power-friendly as well, and will actually turn itself off when nobody is around, then automatically power on when it detects movement to show off whatever pictures you’ve all uploaded. 

Take advantage of this one-day deal from Best Buy and throw in a bouquet using one of the best flower delivery deals currently available, and you’ll make your mom very happy. 

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