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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: You Can Play Tomb Raider Now and More Soon

 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: You Can Play Tomb Raider Now and More Soon

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, a CNET Editors’ Choice award pick, offers hundreds of games that you can play on your Xbox Series X, Series S, Xbox One and PC for $17 a month. A subscription gets you access to a large library of games with new titles added every month (like Diablo 4) plus other benefits, like online multiplayer and deals on non-Game Pass titles.

Microsoft recently brought Star Wars Jedi: Survivor to Game Pass Ultimate, and the company is adding these games to the service in May.

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

Available now.

Microsoft has brought Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition back to Game Pass Ultimate more than a decade after it was released. You control Lara Croft as she embarks on her first expedition to find the lost kingdom of Yamatai when she gets trapped on a dangerous island in the Pacific Ocean. Explore your environment, solve puzzles and scavenge resources to survive and uncover the island’s secrets.

Kona 2: Brume

Available now.

Welcome back to the mysterious Great White North. This sequel continues the story of Kona and drops you back into the shoes of an investigator sent to a rural mining town in Canada. Get ready to trek through a snowy landscape, where you’re not quite alone, as you try to uncover the truth of a mist that has enveloped the region. You can also play the original Kona on Game Pass Ultimate now if you want to experience both bone-chilling titles.

Little Kitty, Big City

Available: May 9

All you really need to know about this game is you play as a cat exploring the city and making friends. Oh, and you can wear hats! A bunny ear hat, an apple hat, a frog hat, just all manner of cute hats. The trailer says you have to find your way back home, but there are a lot of pots on walls that you can tip over. So sure, you can go home, but again, there are lots of pots on walls to tip over. I know what I’ll be doing. 

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Available: May 14

The original award-winning title returns to Game Pass Ultimate about four years after it was removed from the service. You control two brothers — one with each thumbstick — as they embark on a journey in order to save their father from death. The brothers will work together to solve puzzles, fight enemies and overcome obstacles in this highly acclaimed fairy-tale adventure. 

Leaving Game Pass in May

While Microsoft is adding the above games to Game Pass Ultimate, it’s also removing eight titles on May 15. So, you have some time to finish any side quests before having to buy these games separately. 

For more on Xbox, here’s what Diablo 4 on Game Pass likely means for the service, other titles available on Game Pass Ultimate now and everything to know about the gaming service.

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