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Just $20 Gets You a New Amazon Echo Smart Speaker Today

Amazon’s Echo is the go-to smart speaker for a lot of people and having one or more can be a huge help around the house. Whether you’re looking to listen to music, do some research or even just set some reminders, they’re a great way to avoid having to pick that smartphone up. Right now, Amazon has some huge discounts available across its line of Echo smart speakers, with the Amazon Echo Pop on sale for just $20, thanks to a 50% reduction, and the Echo Dot with a 44% reduction. And that’s just the start.

There are actually deals on a lot of the Echo devices today, including the two we mentioned above. The Echo Pop is definitely a steal with such a big discount, and we love the Echo Dot, too, as it earned our pick as the best budget smart speaker you can buy. But it’s worth mentioning that the Echo Dot with a clock is also on sale but with 33% off. It packs in all of the same smart speaker functions you’d expect, but the clock display is great if you want a device you can just glance at for the time. It’s a small convenience, but those are often the best ones. 

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If you’ve got kids, or are buying for someone who has them, then the Echo Pop Kids is a worthwhile choice while it’s 50% off. Aside from having a design with Marvel characters on, this take on the Echo Pop adds in extra parental controls, which means that they won’t be able to access anything you don’t want them to. It also includes a six-month subscription to Amazon Kids Plus, which means your family will have easy access to loads of great audiobooks for kids, and if they’ve already got an Amazon Fire Kids tablet, then they can watch shows and play games as well. 

Looking for more smart home upgrades worth snagging today? We’ve covered a bunch of the best smart home deals currently available to help you score big savings as you shop. 

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