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Avid Readers: Upgrade to a Kindle E-Reader While Select Models Are Up to 28% Off

Reading will probably always be one of the most popular pastimes, but as technology advances, so too does the way we engage with storytelling. While the feel of a proper book in your hand is always nice, sometimes the convenience of an e-reader is simply too much to resist. If you’ve been considering upgrading to an e-reader, now’s a great time to do so thanks to a sale on Amazon that will let you get a Kindle e-reader at up to 28% off

Kindle devices often earn spots among the best e-readers you can buy because they’re reliable, the screens are good and they’re also pretty affordable. Right now there are discounts on three Kindle models. The cheapest of these is the standard Kindle, which is is down to $80 right now. It’s our pick for the best-value e-reader you can buy and it comes with 16GB of storage, it’s lightweight and portable and you can adjust the front light as well. 

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But if you’re willing to splurge a little more, the Kindle Paperwhite is a great choice. It’s our pick for the best all-around e-reader. It’s currently 23% off, making it just $115. This model has a larger display, waterproofing, an adjustable warm light and it has faster processing, too. 

However, if you’re looking for a more versatile model, check out the Kindle Scribe. It’s 28% off right now, dropping the price to $280. This tablet goes beyond just being an e-reader and allows you to essentially use it as a notebook as well. It’s larger an more cumbersome than the other models, but it’s also the best jumbo e-reader you can draw on, which may make it a great choice for some people. 

They’re all great in different ways, so it really comes down to personal preference. And with Mother’s Day and graduation season coming soon, these are well worth considering for a loved one as well. In fact, Kindle devices are all among our picks for the best gifts for readers. 

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