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AncestryDNA Kit Hits New Record Low of $39 at Amazon

 AncestryDNA Kit Hits New Record Low of $39 at Amazon

More and more options for DNA test kits are becoming widely available, with some not only revealing details about your family history but potentially providing beneficial health details as well. AncestryDNA has continuously proved itself as one of the most popular companies of its type on the market. Now Amazon has made it more affordable, dropping the asking price to its lowest yet. 

An AncestryDNA Genetic Test Kit is on sale for just $39 at Amazon right now. That’s the lowest price we’ve seen and a savings of $60 over its list price. This deal even beats out a recent offer from Ancestry itself, where the kit was available for $59. What we particularly like about Ancestry over 23andMe is the family tree feature, something its competitor lacks. If you’ve been holding off, now is the time to act to walk away with the biggest discount. 

No matter which of the Ancestry offerings you choose, you’ll get two main features: detailed information about your family’s origins, right down to the geographical regions involved, as well as DNA matches, which allow you to organize and connect with your DNA relatives as easily as possible.

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Those looking to spend a little more can add additional information to their report, including data on things like military records, how your genes may influence your nutrition and appearance and a whole lot more.

While it’s not clear how long this Amazon deal is up for grabs, it’s always worth jumping on these offers quickly to avoid disappointment. Memorial Day isn’t that far away so we expect some great discounts there, and early deals are already available at several retailers.

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