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TV in Disguise: Hisense releases CanvasTV starting at $1,000

 TV in Disguise: Hisense releases CanvasTV starting at $1,000

If you want a TV that can blend into your decor, hang on the wall and disguise itself as art rather than a television, Hisense has a new option. The company is releasing its Canvas TV — made to look like a painting when not in use — starting at $1,000.

The CanvasTV will offer a slightly less expensive alternative to the Samsung Frame, which was the first of its kind to offer a unique TV-as-art alternative for the design-conscious buyer. Samsung’s highly aesthetic TV is relatively expensive, though, with the 55-inch 2024 Frame costing $1,500. Hisense’s CanvasTV comes in at $1,000 for the 55-inch model and $1,300 for the 65-inch version.

The CanvasTV’s “Art Mode” will offer an array of backdrop options in different styles. The TV will also include a built-in sensor that turns off this mode when it detects no one is in the room, to conserve energy.

Between the two, Samsung’s The Frame offers a wider range of sizes, from 43- to 85-inch offerings. The Canvas TV will be available in only 55- and 65-inches on release.

Other features of the CanvasTV include:

  • GoogleTV

  • 144 Hz refresh rate

  • Anti-glare, matte screen

Hisense’s CanvasTV will be available in late summer 2024.

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