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Crunchyroll Game Vault Serves Up Sushi and Robots in Its Latest Titles

 Crunchyroll Game Vault Serves Up Sushi and Robots in Its Latest Titles

Anime streaming service Crunchyroll continues to grow its Crunchyroll Game Vault games library, adding two robot-centric titles, the service announced on Tuesday. Subscribers to Crunchyroll’s Mega and Ultimate plans — $10 and $15, respectively — can access these titles now without ads or in-app purchases at no additional cost.

Here are the latest games, and what you should know about Crunchyroll Game Vault.

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Sushi for Robots

Developer: Ludipe & Friends

In this puzzle game, a host of robots have an insatiable hunger for sushi. You’ve got to get the right sushi to the right robotic customer by placing the stickers next to the correct dishes. How do these robots process the sushi, you ask? It’s not known, but I like to think the magical flavors of sushi transcend the laws of physics and robotics.

ExZeus: The Complete Collection

Developer: HyperDevbox Japan, Sickhead Games

Earth is being invaded by hostile aliens, and their goal is to wipe out all traces of our civilization. But not if Project ExZeus can stop them. Take control of four different robots and use their strengths to repel the waves of enemies and save the world in this arcade-style rail shooter. This collection includes both ExZeus and ExZeus 2, so you can enjoy both titles.

What to know about Crunchyroll Game Vault

Here’s how to access games on Crunchyroll if you’re a Mega or Ultimate subscriber:

1. Open the Crunchyroll app.
2. Tap Crunchyroll Game Vault on the homepage.
3. Tap the game you want to download and you’ll be taken to the game’s page in either Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store.

Crunchyroll launched Crunchyroll Game Vault in November as an additional perk for the service’s Mega and Ultimate subscription members. The service offered members five games at launch, like the fighting game River City Girls and the puzzle game Inbento, and it’s added more since then, including Hime’s Quest and Ponpu.

“We will work with developers to bring more games to mobile for the first time and bring new features to existing hits,” Crunchyroll’s executive vice president of emerging business and general manager of Crunchyroll Games, Terry Li, said in an email in January.

Crunchyroll is the latest video streaming service to offer games with a subscription. Notably, Netflix began offering games to its members in 2021. However, all Netflix subscribers can access the service’s games library, while only the top two Cruchyroll subscription plans — Mega and Ultimate, but not Fan —  offer access to Crunchyroll Game Vault.

For more gaming news, here are other titles Crunchyroll has added to Game Vault and the latest Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Apple Arcade titles.

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