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Best Samsung Galaxy S24, S24 Plus and S24 Ultra Cases for 2024

 Best Samsung Galaxy S24, S24 Plus and S24 Ultra Cases for 2024

$40 at Speck


Slim but protective S24 cases

Speck cases

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$23 at Amazon


Value Galaxy S24 kickstand case with magnetic ring

ESR Boost Flickstand case

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$23 at Amazon


Top budget Galaxy S24 cases

Spigen cases

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$60 at Urban Armor Gear


Rugged Galaxy S24 case with integrated kickstand

Urban Armor Gear Plasma XTE series

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$32 at Otterbox


Always a safe bet to protect your phone

Otterbox cases for Galaxy S24

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$60 at Samsung

samsung-standing-grip-galaxy-s24 samsung-standing-grip-galaxy-s24

Best Samsung-branded case for the Galaxy S24

Samsung Standing Grip case

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$55 at Zagg

zagg-gear4-denali-with-kickstand-galaxy-24 zagg-gear4-denali-with-kickstand-galaxy-24

Stylish protective S24 case

Zagg Gear4 Denali case with kickstand

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$18 at Amazon

cyrill-ultracolor-case-galaxy-s24.png cyrill-ultracolor-case-galaxy-s24.png

Simple and stylish Galaxy S24 case

Cyrill cases

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$50 at Peak Design

peak-design-everyday-case-galaxy-s24.png peak-design-everyday-case-galaxy-s24.png

MagSafe-compatible Galaxy S24 case with own accessory system

Peak Design Everyday case

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$50 at Samsung

samsung-s-view-wallet-case-galaxy-s24 samsung-s-view-wallet-case-galaxy-s24

Slim folio wallet case for Galaxy S24

Samsung S-View Wallet case

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$50 at Samsung

samsung-vegan-leather-case-galaxy-s24.png samsung-vegan-leather-case-galaxy-s24.png

Slim faux leather case for Galaxy S24

Samsung vegan leather case

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$70 at Rokform

The Rokform Rugged Case for Galaxy S23 can be mounted on a bike The Rokform Rugged Case for Galaxy S23 can be mounted on a bike

Superprotective mountable Galaxy S24 case

Rokform Galaxy S24 Magnetic Rugged case

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The latest Samsung phones encompass the Galaxy S24 line. The Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus and Galaxy S24 Ultra will need a different case than the S23s as some upgrades have been made. To keep your new phone as protected as possible, you’ll likely want to get one of the best cases on it.

We’ve compiled a list of the best Samsung Galaxy cases available. We’ll be adding more picks as we test more cases, but for now here are some of our current favorites to check out. Just make sure you’re buying the case that matches your Galaxy S24, whether that’s the Ultra, Plus or base model.

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Best Samsung Galaxy S24, S24 Plus and S24 Ultra cases

Speck has three new cases for the Galaxy S24: the Presidio Perfect-Clear, the Presidio2 Grip (shown in black) and the Presidio Lux Glitter. 

All the new models have 13-foot drop protection as well as Speck’s Microban antimicrobial coating. The cases start at around $40 in various colors, and Speck frequently offers discounts to first-time buyers on its site.

ESR makes a few affordable cases for the Galaxy S24 that have an integrated kickstand, a useful feature for those of us who like to watch video on our smartphones (or just video chat). The standard ESR kickstand case is about as affordable as you get at around $25, but for a little more you can nab this Boost Flickstand case, which also has a magnetic ring that lets you attach various magnetic accessories, including batteries and wallets. The case comes in clear, black and frosted black.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive case for your new Galaxy S24, Spigen’s got several models that sell for less than $25 and some that sell for less than $20. Some of its models, including the Ultra Hybrid Metal Ring MagFit (pictured), feature an integrated metal ring so you can attach magnetic chargers to your phone just like you can with Apple’s MagSafe system. 

No drop rating is listed for these Samsung phone cases, but most Spigen cases, except for the slimmest models, offer reasonable protection. If you want a tough case with decent protection, get one of its Armor models — some have integrated kickstands.

Note that a lot of these cheaper clear cases have a habit of turning yellow and degrading over time, which makes them less translucent. But they’re cheap enough that you probably won’t mind shelling out for a replacement if that happens.

Urban Armor Gear offers several case options for the Galaxy S24, in a variety of colors. I like the Plasma and Pathfinder series, but I’m highlighting the new Plasma XTE, which features a built-in kickstand.

UAG’s cases all offer good corner protection and meet military drop-test standards, with the Plasma XTE rated for 20-foot drop protection. This case costs $60 but other UAG cases cost less.

Otterbox is back with its usual assortment of cases for the Galaxy S24, including the superprotective Defender series. Though I’m a fan of the company’s Symmetry series cases — they’re slim with beveled edges — I’ve come to like the slightly more protective Commuter series better, thanks to the grips it has on the back and sides, as well as the raised edges on the front, which should help protect your screen. The raised bezel acts as a screen protector to keep your screen scratch-free, and the camera module gets the same treatment.

Samsung’s Standing Grip case has an integrated strap grip that converts into a kickstand. The case comes in three colors and has a soft-to-the-touch silicone finish.

British case-maker Gear4, now owned by Zagg, makes cases that are right there with those from Otterbox and Speck. I liked the Denali with Kickstand for the Galaxy S23 and also like it for the Galaxy S24 (I do like the kickstand feature). Its Everest and Santa Cruz cases also come in versions with kickstands. 

Zagg says the Denali is strengthened with graphene and is made out of 96% recycled material. It also has antimicrobial protection.

Cyrill is a sub-brand of Spigen, and like Spigen, its cases generally sell for less than $25. Cyrill doesn’t have quite the same selection for the Galaxy S24 as it does for the iPhone 15, but it does offer its UltraColor case, which has a soft-to-the-touch finish. I also like that it has a raised frame on the back that provides some extra protection for the camera lenses. The corners of the case have a raised lip as well.

The case comes in the camouflage colors shown here, as well as some solid colors.

Peak Design’s Everyday case is available for all the S24 models. It’s actually compatible with Apple’s MagSafe accessories and other magnetic MagSafe-compatible accessories, including wireless charging batteries, wallets and more. But the case has Peak Design’s own built-in magnetic locking system — the company calls it SlimLink — that connects to a wide assortment of Peak Design’s . That includes bike mounts, charging stands, tripods, car mounts and more. The only Peak Design accessory I don’t recommend is the wallet, which doesn’t lock onto the case and doesn’t stick to it that securely.

When you combine Peak Design’s accessories with all the MagSafe accessories out there, you certainly get a lot of accessory options to choose from. The case is relatively slim, with a 6-foot drop protection rating, though note there are more protective cases on this list, with a little better corner protection. The case comes in black or dark blue and is compatible with the S Pen. 

If you’re looking for a case that covers the Galaxy S24’s screen, Samsung’s S-View Wallet case is a decent option. The small screen view (the little window) allows you to see notifications, answer calls and quickly see what time it is. A hidden slot inside the case stores only a single credit and a couple of bills of cash, but that’s all the storage some people need. The S-View Wallet case is available in multiple colors for every Galaxy S24 model.

Samsung used to sell leather cases for its Galaxy phones, but it’s moved on to faux or vegan leather, which is probably a good thing. Available in black, taupe and dark violet, Samsung’s vegan leather case offers a smooth yet grippy feel with decent edge protection in a slim package. Alas, there’s no kickstand, but if you’re looking for a clean, elegantly designed case, this Samsung-branded vegan leather case is worth considering.

Incipio usually has a wide variety of cases for Galaxy phones, but at launch, it’s released just a handful of models for the Galaxy S24 line, including old favorites like the sturdy Duo (12-foot drop protection), the flashy Forme (pictured), which has 10-foot drop protection, and the Cru, which comes in a canvas and leather finish (no drop protection rating is provided for the Cru). At $35, the Duo is the most affordable of the bunch, with the Forme carrying a list price of $45 and the Cru at $50. 

Rokform has been making tough smartphone cases for years, and aside from their durability, their key feature is the ability to use them with various mounts — including bike, car and motorcycle mounts — that are sold separately.

Rokform’s cases have removable magnets and they’re compatible with wireless charging if you remove the included center magnet. “With the lower magnet still intact, you can still wireless-charge while utilizing magnetic mounting and all of our mounts,” Rokform says. The case is expensive at $70, but Rokform does offer a 20% discount to first-time buyers.

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