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Save Up to $700 at HeyBike’s Mother’s Day Sale

 Save Up to $700 at HeyBike’s Mother’s Day Sale

E-bikes are a nice way to enjoy fresh air and sunny weather. Some people even use them to commute or run errands, making e-bikes a versatile mode of transportation that can keep more cars off the road. If you’ve been looking for an e-bike, now might be a fine time to score one. HeyBike is offering discounts of up to $700 on its e-bikes as part of its Mother’s Day sale. 

HeyBike has multiple e-bikes to choose from, such as the Mars 2.0 in both 750-watt and 1,000-watt versions. These can go as fast as 32 mph, can handle suburban roads and can be used for off-roading in certain conditions. You can use one in your neighborhood or in your local park. Love road trips and more-remote nature? The Mars 2.0 is foldable and easy to transport. It’s got wheels that are 20 inches in diameter and four inches wide, which means you have reliable traction so you can ride with confidence. You now snag a Mars 2.0, 750-watt e-bike for only $1,000 (it usually goes for $1,500). 

Here are a few more deals you can bag if you’re wanting to peruse HeyBike’s offerings.

This sale is available for only a limited time, so act fast if you’ve been looking for a HeyBike e-bike. If you still want to shop around, here are some e-bike reviews we think will help you narrow down your options.

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