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Upgrade to Apple’s Latest USB-C Apple Pencil and Save $10 Today

 Upgrade to Apple’s Latest USB-C Apple Pencil and Save $10 Today

If you’re an iPad owner you’re no doubt already very aware of how cool the Apple Pencil can be. It’s one of the better styluses you can buy and it works with all the best iPads, too. The Apple Pencil with USB-C is the newest and cheapest model, and now it’s down to just $69 at Amazon. This is the best price we’ve seen this product offered for, but we can’t vouch for how long it will be available, unfortunately.

The Pencil with USB-C is already designed to be a low-cost alternative to Apple’s other Pencil models, especially if you have an entry-level 10th-gen iPad and would rather not break the bank. It features the same low latency and tilt sensitivity as the second-generation Apple Pencil, but eschews some of the fanciest features to come in at a lower price. For example, it lacks things like pressure sensitivity and wireless pairing and charging. It also doesn’t have the double-tap feature for switching between tools. That being said, it can still attach magnetically to the side of your iPad for easy transportation and you can use it with the Hover feature built into iPadOS. 

The Apple Pencil lineup is confusing right now, but the simplest way to figure out which iPad will work with the USB-C Pencil is to check what port your iPad has. If the iPad has a USB-C connector, it will work with the USB-C Apple Pencil. Along with the 10th-gen iPad, that includes the fourth- and fifth-gen iPad Air, the 11-inch iPad Pro, the sixth-gen iPad Mini and the third-gen 12.9-inch iPad Pro and later. 

Looking to upgrade your iPad to go with your new Apple Pencil? Our list of the best iPad deals is just waiting to save you some money. 

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