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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Rumored to Be Thinner and Lighter

 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Rumored to Be Thinner and Lighter

Samsung’s next update to its lineup of folding smartphones, the Galaxy Z Fold 6, has been rumored to have a boxier design when it launches this summer, with squared edges similar to those of the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Now, new leaks say it’ll be thinner and lighter as well.

A known tipster, Ice Universe, posted on X on Wednesday that the Galaxy Z Fold 6 would have an unfolded thickness of 5.6 millimeters, and a folded thickness of 12.1mm. That would make the device up to 10% thinner than last year’s model. Ice Universe also posted that the device will weigh 239 grams, putting it on par with the OnePlus Open and making it a little lighter than the 253-gram Galaxy Z Fold 5. 

Samsung didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

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The buzz of rumors around the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 suggest that the folding smartphone is being prepped for a launch this July. Though foldable smartphones aren’t big sellers, they do make for a premium, futuristic-looking product that’s particularly popular among techies.

When it inevitably launches, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 will give Samsung an opportunity to talk about innovation, using devices like its folding smartphones to gesture at magical-seeming technologies that used to exist only in sci-fi. 

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Other companies have followed a similar approach, with Motorola in particular drawing attention during Mobile World Congress in March by showing off a smartphone designed to bend around your wrist like a bracelet. Unlike those prototypes though, Samsung offers its folding phones for sale, not just as a concept device.

One rumor that hasn’t surfaced about the Galaxy Z Fold 6 is word about the price. Folding phones in general are still expensive, launching with price tags around $1,800 before discounts and incentives. That cost is far higher than the price of the Galaxy Z Fold’s more standard, candy bar-shaped cousins, such as phones in the Galaxy S24 line, which typically start at $800. Another downside is that foldables are fragile, though Samsung has improved on that with more-resilient screens and hinges.

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