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Save Hundreds on Apple Watches and Accessories in This Limited-Time Woot Sale

 Save Hundreds on Apple Watches and Accessories in This Limited-Time Woot Sale

The Apple Watch has long been considered to be one of the best smartwatches you’re likely to find and it’s available in a few different sizes and configurations to suit different needs and budgets. But even the cheapest Apple Watch isn’t cheap and that’s why finding a great deal is vital. Right now Woot is the place to be if you want to bag an Apple Watch at a great price with the Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Series 7, and Apple Watch SE all represented.

Those looking to get the cheapest Apple Watch possible need to look no further than the Apple Watch SE. Although this is the first-gen model, its discounted price of just $168 is hard to beat. That’s the 40mm model although the larger 44mm one is also available while multiple colorways are also offered.

The most modern model included in this sale is the Apple Watch Series 8. This watch comes in the 45mm size and includes cellular connectivity for just $290, but it’s worth noting that this is from excess carrier inventory. That means it’s going to come in a brown box with an OEM charger and watch band. If that isn’t an issue, this could well be the model to go for.

Looking to bag some cheap accessories? Multiple watch band and charger bundles are available from just $25. Still not sure that these deals are for you? Be sure to check out our collection of the best Apple Watch deals, we’re sure there will be something in there for everyone.

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