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Bag the Ninja Creami Ice Cream Maker for 25% Off Right Now

 Bag the Ninja Creami Ice Cream Maker for 25% Off Right Now

The Ninja Creami is social media’s favorite countertop ice cream maker. People were screaming for this ice cream maker last summer sending the Creami mega-viral on TikTok and Instagram. Right now, the frenzy-inducing ice cream machine is down to $150 (normally $200) on Walmart. The deal is part of Walmart’s Super Spring Savings event, an answer to Amazon’s Big Spring Sale.

Humble brag, but I discovered the beauty of this ice cream innovation a year earlier when I reviewed the Creami for CNET. I love how versatile it is, allowing you to make ice cream and gelato custards along with fruit sorbet mixtures and freeze them the night before. From there, the Creami easily turns out different ice cream flavors in about 2 minutes. Most at-home ice cream makers on the market only make one batch every 8 hours since the center chilling bowl has to be frozen completely between uses.

ninja creami with bowl of ice cream next to it ninja creami with bowl of ice cream next to it

Just some of the decadent ice cream we made in the Ninja Creami.

Karen Schiff Freeman/CNET

The Creami also great for special diets since you can add less sugar, no sugar or alternative sweeteners to ice cream mixtures if you choose. There’s also no end to the flavor combinations and recipes to try. If that’s not enough, the Creami allows you to add mix-ins like chocolate chips or nuts and incorporates them evenly throughout. 

If I have one knock on the machine it’s that it’s loud when churning. The good news? It only takes 2 or 3 minutes to spin the base into a fresh, frozen summer delight.

The Ninja Creami is as popular as small appliances get, so it doesn’t drop in price too often — and certainly not when the weather is warm. If you’re looking to haul in the easy ice cream maker, grab it now from Walmart while it’s 25% off. For more, see the best home and kitchen deals and home security deals during Amazon’s Big Spring Sale.

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