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Grab Our Favorite New Anker Mini Bluetooth Speaker for 20% Off During Amazon’s Big Spring Sale

 Grab Our Favorite New Anker Mini Bluetooth Speaker for 20% Off During Amazon’s Big Spring Sale

The Soundcore Motion 300 is Anker’s answer to Bose’s excellent SoundLink Flex Bluetooth speaker (which typically sells for around $150, but is currently going for $129). The Soundcore Motion 300 is around the same size as the Bose, and while it doesn’t sound quite as good, it packs an impressive punch for its compact size — and the best part is its price.

Right now, you can get the Soundcore Motion 300 for just $64, down from $80, as part of Amazon’s Big Spring Sale (the black model only for now). That matches the lowest price we’ve seen for it to date. Grab it now before the sale ends tomorrow.

We gave the Soundcore Motion 300 a CNET Editors’ Choice award. You can read our full review to find out why.

Like the SoundLink Flex, the Motion 300 can be laid down flat with its speaker firing up toward the ceiling (or sky) or propped up as shown in the photo above. It’s IPX7 waterproof and delivers up to 13 hours of audio at moderate volume levels. There’s also support for Sony’s LDAC audio codec for Android and other devices that support Bluetooth wireless streaming with LDAC. 

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The speaker has a bass-boost button that does amp up the low end a bit. I thought the speaker sounded a bit better without the bass boost engaged because it seemed slightly overdriven with the boost on. The bass just doesn’t sound that tight at higher volumes. That’s where the Bose does better.

Aside from that small downside, the Soundcore Motion 300 is a very good mini Bluetooth speaker and a good value, particularly at $64. It’s available in three colors but, as noted, only the black version is on sale for now.

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If you’re looking for a bigger speaker that produces bigger sound and has a handle for easy toting, the step-up Soundcore by Anker Motion X600 is also on sale for $150, $50 off its list price of $200. 

The Soundcore by Anker Motion X600 is available in three color options.

David Carnoy/CNET

The new mini boom box has a premium look and feel with a metal grill and carrying handle and includes some interesting features like spatial audio and support for Sony’s LDAC audio codec. It sounds impressive for its relatively compact size and is a good value, even at its list price. 

Anker bills the Soundcore Motion X600 as the world’s first “portable high fidelity speaker.” Weighing 4.2 pounds (1.9 kg), it’s got some heft to it but is light enough to carry around without feeling like you’re getting a workout. It comes in gray, green and blue colors and is equipped with five drivers, including two woofers, two tweeters and one full-range, upward-firing driver “in a unique speaker array that combined with Soundcore’s audio algorithm and DSP helps create a wide (and tall) soundstage for listening to any type of music,” according to Anker.

It’s rated for 50 watts of total power, with two 20-watt amps devoted to the woofers and tweeters and a third 10-watt amp powering the upward-firing driver.

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