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Add Wireless CarPlay or Android Auto to Your Vehicle Today for Just $100

 Add Wireless CarPlay or Android Auto to Your Vehicle Today for Just $100

Having Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in your vehicle is pretty sweet, and it’s way safer than trying to use your phone for things like navigation. But while many new cars come with both features available, not all do — including the ever-popular Teslas. Those with older cars shouldn’t have to buy a new one just to drive safely, either. Thankfully, you’re just one accessory away from joining the hands-free crew.

This accessory would normally set you back around $140 but if you place your order today you’ll paying just $100 thanks to the 28% discount currently being offered by StackSocial. One word of warning though — we don’t know how long this deal is going to last which means it could end at any moment and without warning. If you have your heart set on adding wireless CarPlay and Android Auto to your car, now is the time to do it.

Whether it’s CarPlay or Android Auto you want to use, this seven-inch display has it all with support for Bluetooth and voice control so that you can easily make and receive calls, use apps, and more. It’s compatible with most car models and comes with everything you’ll need to mount it to your car. There’s even a convenient suction lock option, too.

Each unit comes with a car charger for power and all the cables you’d expect, while there is even support for mirroring your phone screen and viewing back video files with support for 1080p footage. Just make sure to park up before you get the popcorn out.

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