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Pixel Watch Update Brings Pixel Watch 2 Features to Google’s First Watch

 Pixel Watch Update Brings Pixel Watch 2 Features to Google’s First Watch

Google hasn’t forgotten about its inaugural smartwatch. The first-generation Pixel Watch will soon be updated with some of the Pixel Watch 2’s key features, such as automatic workout detection, pace training and heart zone alerts. The update provides more consistency across Google’s smartwatch lineup and bolsters its fitness offerings as rival Samsung zeroes in on health tracking.

Google has previously said that certain Pixel Watch 2 features will arrive on the original Pixel Watch, but it’s only just announced availability. The software update will start rolling out on March 11 in the US and March 4 in other markets. 

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Pace and heart zone training are among the most significant Pixel Watch 2 features coming to the older Pixel Watch through this update. These settings allow you to set pace and heart rate zone targets, which enables the watch to alert you when you fall in and out of those desired ranges. 

The watch buzzed my wrist as I started to slow down during a run at an outdoor track when I tested these tools on the Pixel Watch 2 last year, prompting me to pick up the pace. While it might not sound like a huge addition, it does help bridge the gap between a general-purpose smartwatch like the Pixel Watch and training watches like those made by Garmin. But notably, the Pixel Watch 2 has a new heart rate sensor that’s said to be more accurate.

Additionally, the Pixel Watch gains automatic workout detection for running, walking, elliptical workouts, spinning, outdoor biking, treadmill exercises and rowing — addressing one of the watch’s biggest shortcomings. You’ll also be able to see how much time you’ve spent in specific heart rate zones during a workout and use the Fitbit Relax app for breathing exercises. Public transit directions will also be available in Google Maps now that Google has added that feature to Wear OS watches.

But the Pixel Watch 2 still has some extras that could make it a better choice for those particularly interested in health tracking, namely its updated heart rate sensor and irregular heart rhythm notifications.

Still, the update makes the original Pixel Watch a more capable fitness tracker than before. And the update comes as Samsung has been doubling down on its health tracking efforts with new upcoming Samsung Health features like My Vitality Score, which evaluates your current state based on sleep, activity and other data. The smartphone giant also showed off a new fitness tracker called the Galaxy Ring, which will be launching later this year, during the Mobile World Tech conference in Barcelona last week.

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