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Snag Anker’s Magnetic Charging Station for Just $90

 Snag Anker’s Magnetic Charging Station for Just $90

Plugging a phone in to charge all the time can get exhausting very quickly, and if you aren’t careful, you could potentially damage your port over time. That’s especially true as dust and dirt are constantly pressed deeper into the port, culminating in a situation where the USB or Lightning port doesn’t work anymore. Luckily, that’s where wireless chargers come to the rescue, and Anker’s Magnetic Charging Station is one of the best. Even better, there’s a nice little discount on it right now from Amazon that discounts it down to $90 with a $10 coupon, so be sure to clip that before you log out.

The truth is that Akner’s Magnetic Charging station is more than just that, performing the same task as a power strip and then some. That’s because it also has three AC outlets, two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports as well, meaning that you could theoretically charge eight devices in one go. In fact, with 67-watt charging, you can get your MacBook Air up to 50% in around 25 minutes using the high-powered USB-C slot, so it’s quite handy.

As for the wireless charger, it’s Qi2 Certified, meaning you get very speedy 15-watt charging, and it works with the latest iPhones as well, so you have no worries there. The whole thing is run by Anker’s internal chip, which optimizes charging and makes sure it’s safe and efficient. Also, it has some solid cooling inside of it so it doesn’t overheat and cause any issues to devices it’s connected to or itself.

Overall, it’s a pretty solid device if you’re looking for something that can handle multiple devices and charge at a high capacity. So if you’re picking up a new phone deal, definitely consider grabbing the Anker Magnetic Charging Station.

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