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Forget SodaStream, Ninja’s Amazing Thirsti Drink System Is Down to a $140 All-Time Low

 Forget SodaStream, Ninja’s Amazing Thirsti Drink System Is Down to a $140 All-Time Low

Ninja is one our favorite brands for small kitchen appliances and it broke into the at-home sparkling water maker market last year when it launched the Thirsti. The countertop machine is a souped-up drink station that churns out still or sparkling water infused with flavors, electrolytes or even caffeine with the push of a button. 

I tested the Thirsti and loved it, but I thought the $200 launch price was a little much. But right now, you can grab the truly thrilling at-home drink station for $140 at QVC. The deal launched for Presidents Day but is still live as of today, so it’s worth grabbing while you still have the chance. 

Ninja’s Thirsti is like a SodaStream on steroids. You can make simple sparkling water or you can add dozens of flavors from liquid pods that are loaded in the front of the machine and released into your drink with the touch of a button. The Thirsti has several carbonation options in case you want no bubbles, light bubbles or super fizzy water. You can also control the flavor potency via the easy digital control panel. 

The dynamic drink system is designed to keep the whole family carbonated. There are sweetened pods including lemonade and sweet tea, all of which contain zero calories. You can even mix and match flavors since the machine holds two pods at once.

QVC is selling the Ninja Thirsti for the lowest price we’ve seen since it launched. Other retailers, including Best Buy and Amazon, have it down to $150, but QVC is offering the small countertop appliance for $140, plus free shipping.

The unit comes with one CO2 cartridge and eight flavor capsules to get you started. Refill cartridges and capsules can be bought separately from Ninja as needed.

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